Sunday, April 20, 2008

Yet another wondeful early night movie on ABC Family

Who knew that ABC Family was capable of manufacturing such an incredibly terrible movie? Not I, but then again, I never had cable growing up so it's hard to say. This ridic movie does make for great conversation with roommates, however. Here is just a smidgen of what we found ridic in this movie. Enjoy.

Come on guys, it's 2008. Let's have a Scylla that looks a little bit more realistic, k thanks. Let's also not have a crazy princess walking down the street in a purple velvet hooded cape. It's kind of awkward, as is her wearing prom dresses in public. I have to say though, I am a big fan of her sister with her plankton shakes for dinner. She's a mermaid that sits in a wheelchair because of her fins. Later in the movie we see that she lives in the backyard pond when she isn't in the house being wheeled around. wow.

This movie makes no sense once it's about halfway though. So I'm not even going to talk about it. Let's just say a pixie has a baby and lays on her full-size bed. It's only 234908235 times too big for her. Then, there's a girl who reminds me of Pocahontas with a tattoo that is crucial to the movie. She controls all of the poorly animated mythical creatures. And she's sooo homeless.

I like when the Princess yells at the guy who likes her for not being the one. And then when she's cursed, he kisses her seemingly dead body and she comes to life. And loves him. What a ho.

Also, Liz, April, and I agree that she wants it in her the entire movie. If I were a guy, I would never put it in a girl with such an annoying fake accent. No. Matter. What.

After some IMDBing, I found out that he's 32 and she's 27. She definitely looks 15 in this movie, which makes the fact that this older-looking guy is after her and her booty more than a little creepy.

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