Sunday, April 27, 2008

My lucky day!

As many know already, 27 is my lucky number. I picked it in 4th grade when I figured out what squares and square roots were. I remember everyone liking the number 3. So, I decided to pick the third power of 3, because it seems way luckier than just a plain old 3.

Here are a few reasons why I feel so lucky:
  • Ronnie. He's incredible. I could fill up this blog with good things about him. I feel extremely lucky to have found someone who is as amazing and kind as he is. Having him up this weekend reminded me of how much fun he is to be around. I wish I could see him more during the school year. It'll be easier next year with a car. I can't wait for us to be together all summer.
  • My friends. I would go crazy without them. I'm lucky to have found people who care about me as much as they do and are willing to put up with me sometimes.
  • I figured out my major. I know a lot of students here who have no idea what they are doing. Knowing that I am practically done with my primary major makes me reflect on how lucky I was to find a course as a freshman that I really love (Civilization of Ancient Greece).
  • I am a KFC Scholar. Not having to think about loans after school means a lot less stress when thinking about what I might do once I graduate. I can't wait to get started on life after school.
All in all, I feel pretty lucky. I can't complain too much.

On a side note, everyone should check out their student center on MyUW. It's pretty sweet. You can now look at your placement scores. Good luck finding the cutoffs for english and math, though. The languages cutoff is posted (search around for it) and you can also review your ACT and SAT scores. Enjoy. And let me know if you took the SAT in 2006, since my scores seem irrelevant given the new SAT standards.

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