Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Ataris = love

So wayyyyy back in 8th grade I got into this band, The Ataris. Since the first time I heard San Dimas High School Football Rules, I knew I had found a band I loved. So much so that when I went to visit Elizabeth in California I made us go to Santa Barbara and visit Down on Hailey, their official store. They even practice in the back! I ended up getting a few (misspelled) bass picks that say "The Atari's" but they're I guess that's okay. I also got a drumstick from the actual band since I asked to buy a new one with their name on it for Katie K and they only had used ones! Not a bad deal, they were free! Just the other day I was listening to Summer '79 I was thinking how much both the band and I have changed since 8th grade. There I was wearing a giant metal ball necklace and bracelets up to my elbow contemplating what shows I might go to. Now I'm finishing my degree at UW and their sounds are still poppish, but more mature. I'm glad they stuck to their roots, but it would be nice if some of their sounds weren't so high school.

Right now, I'm really into Looking Back on Today and All You Can Ever Learn Is What You Already Know. Good songs! You should check them out, but be sure to listen to the former in its acoustic version.


  1. My name is in an Ataris' song!! I believe it is actually San Dimas High School Football Rules. :-D