Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Summer thus far

After doing some planning, I've decided to cross out those things which I have done. Just for fun. Because I'm bored. And I think I'll just keep reposting it. Because I can.

2. Go camping -- Friday May 23rd

Today Ronnie and I played basketball with the Malicki brothers, Jack, Mikel, and Ryan. Needless to say, no matter which team I ended up on, they were doomed to lose. I don't think anyone cared though. Afterwards everyone but Dan and Bob came over and grilled out at Ronnie's. I made mashed potatoes! It was nice seeing all those guys again. In fact, Jack, Ronnie, and I plan on going camping with whoever else ends up coming this Friday. We'll either take Ronnie's camper or my tent (which broke a little bit in the wind last year). Hilariously my brother invited him over to cook out on Friday afternoon with Chad, my cousin, but didn't invite me. I don't care, I just thought it was funny since my brother, boyfriend, and cousin will be there.

The other day I thought about getting a mouse as a pet. Just a little guy! Jack, Ronnie, and I went to the pet store to get feeder mice for Jack's snake and they were really cute! The only bad thing was that they only live a week or so. Now that would be a crappy pet. It's too bad though, since I still have hamster stuff that I'm sure a baby mouse would enjoy.

It looks like I'm going to be seeing a lot of youngins this summer. Ronnie's neighbors, Noah, Drew, Abby, and Natalie, have already started coming next door and ringing the doorbell asking us to come out and play. Plus, there's Alexis who's going to be baptized at the end of the month. And not to mention how many kids I work with at Parks and Rec. To be honest, I like seeing Ronnie interact with all these kids. He's really good with them.

Remember how much I want to go to Branson, Missouri? Well, I mentioned it to all the guys today and it turns out that Mikel's family is going there in June. Ridic? I know! His family has a timeshare thing there so I might actually go with Ronnie et.al. this summer! Yay for Silver Dollar City!

Ronnie and I made smoothies yesterday and they were delicious, so we decided to make more today. Of course, using an old school blender that we broke the day before, and putting in frozen strawberries, we broke it beyond repair. Triste. Of course I left mine in Madison. I remembered thinking that we could make smoothies at his house. Well, I'm glad that worked for at least the first week of summer. So it goes. (any K.V. fans out there?)

So all night Ronnie has been trying to convince me to pick up a new hobby. What hobby? Dungeons and Dragons. And of course, it was parodied on Family Guy tonight while Lois and Peter about about to have relations. Ridiculous. I can't even think about it right now since I have to leave early tonight and take my mom to work at 7 am. Fortunately my dad has been nice enough to take her these past two days, but I think he's tired of doing it for me so that I can have a car. But back to the subject, D&D is so stereotyped that I don't know if I even want to go there. But, I do hear that they need a healer....and I'd get to roll lots of dice. I'll think about it....

The last thing I would like to mention is that I am having an epic nug war with Ronnie. In an effort to make sure I don't eat too many
nugs, he won't let me eat any unless I earn them. Earn them, you ask? Yes. I have to ride my bike or play basketball well to earn them. It's kind of ridiculous because everyday at lunch time I get real mad at him and he just keeps denying me nugs. It is kind of funny though. I definitely earned nugs today with my mad basketball skills. I sweated! When I go too long without that golden treasure of Wendy's, I experience withdrawal: hunger, irritability, moodiness, and overall poutiness. I guess I'm a nug addict, and it's good that Ronnie's helping. Haha. I don't want to almost break up with Ronnie everyday at 11 am. But, if I don't get my nugs....who knows what will happen.

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