Monday, May 5, 2008

Logo Secrets

So after reading the BH Shoutouts today, I discovered that the old Brewer's logo has an "M" and a "B" in it - wow. So for fun, I thought I would put up some other logos with secret things in them. Enjoy!

1. FedEx Logo: There's an arrow between the E and x. Get it? They ship things!

2. Goodwill Logo: See the "g" on goodwill? Looks happy, doesn't it?

3. Big Ten Conference Logo: Well, we all know that there aren't 10 schools...but who wants to change their name, anyway? So they put the number "11" near the "g" and "T."

4. Jazz Class Image: You should see the torso of a woman between the two figures. Probably an accident, unlike the above images.

5. Old Coca-Cola Ad: Take a very close look at the popped-out
image: see a lady about to put a pp in her mouth? Nice, Coke, nice.

Special thanks to this site and this site and this site and this site for the info and the pics.

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