Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Finals, finally

Well, it's that time again. Thank goodness for finals! They are the gateway to summer! Personally, I would take twice as many finals (which would mean only four total) if it meant that I would be on break now. I won't lie though, I will miss my friends here. I can't wait to be with Ronnie basically every day, but a whole summer without Cait and her "jag-bombs" and other similarly hilarious things? Sad face.

said that he likes summer because it's when girls wea
r short skirts.

Liz likes everything about summer. Including skiing. Water-skiing, of course. She also listed about five other things that seemed like fun but I forgot to write down.

Steph is excited to makes lots of money and drive with the windows rolled down. This is probably to pick up high school guys. "Watching tennis nonstop and going to a tennis tournament" are also on her list. Maybe she'll get to meet Rafa and Feds again, like last year (see picture on right). Haha Steph you are ridic.

Melissa (me) can't wait to go fishing and take wondrous adventures throughout the state. Honestly though, it'll be nice to get away from the stress associated with school. Going home to my baby puppy and the big chunk will be so much fun! My mom took off of work on Friday (my first day of freedom!!) so we're going to have a girly day. My dad already bought the big box of freeze pops from Sam's Club, which is always a sign the summer is approaching! No pool this year though, unfortunately. Since I was the only one using it, the cost was too great to maintain it. Whatev. I'm also excited for Summerfest! I REALLY want to see Muse at Lollapalooza, but it's just too expensive, there's a wedding that weekend I'm gong to, and it's Ronnie's birthday weekend. Maybe next year? Speaking of weddings - Ronnie and I are going to TWO! Tom is getting married, and so is my cousin, Holly! I love weddings! Que fun!

To summarize, summer = fun, and school = less fun (but some fun, still). I can't wait for exams to be over so that everyone else is stress-free too. Yay for another great semester coming to an end!

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