Saturday, May 10, 2008

Charlie's Visit

Today Liz's brother Charlie stopped by. It made me think of all of the brothers we have and how different they are.

Charlie, wants to go to Duke and he knows all about the old Brewer's logo. Apparently I am the last person on earth to pick out the "m" and "b." He likes soccer and is 17, but a junior in high school.

Steven is 19 and will be going to boot camp in July. He'll be graduating this year. From what I've heard he's changing, but he was a punk in high school. I don't mean a punk rocker, but someone who got into a lot of trouble.

Jeremy is Beth's younger brother. He's a nice guy so I gave a Jeopardy pom pom to him. He's only in 8th grade, so he's baby.

Tony is Beth's oldest brother. She never talks about him, so I have to assume that he's not as cool as Jeremy. He's 18, a senior, and will go to a tech school.

Scott is Steph's younger brother. He's 17 and would probably be good friends with my brother. He has long hair and I know weird information about him. I said hi to him once while he was in the shower and I think he was creeped out.

Andrew is Katie's oldest brother. He's a senior in high school also, and I don't know anything else about him. Other than last year he got a crazy disease from a cow but he's okay now.

Kevin is Katie's younger brother and he loves tacos, like Katie. He's only 10 and got in trouble in school for something he didn't do. He's visited more than any other brother.

Caitlyn has a secret brother whose name I do not know. He's 28 and a store manager at McDonalds. He is her half-brother but she loves him a lot!

Sometimes we think it would be fun to have to have a "Brother's Weekend" but then again our brothers are really different. So maybe not. But it would be hilarious.

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