Thursday, May 29, 2008

Updated list of Summer Fun

Well, it's been a tumultuous week. I've been playing a lot of D&D (yes, Ronnie did convince me to play it) and hanging out with Jack, Ryan, Mike B, and Ronnie. We weren't able to go camping last weekend, so I have to change my list. But that's okay though! I did lots of other productive things, and I can cross off things that I won't be able to do. I've also added things to this wondrous list. The things I am unable to do are italicized and those I have done will either be crossed out or bolded. For right now, they're bolded because the strikethrough html isn't working.

My dad promised me that sometime next week we can go fishing!! I still need to get my license, and Ronnie needs to also.

Ronnie's been playing this weird game called Culdcept Saga on his 360 and I don't really like it. It's kind of like Monopoly, except that you put creatures down on squares and opponents can either battle them or pay the toll. I just had to put that on here because it's the most boring game to watch. Ever.

In my spare time I've been killing random Sims and their pets in order to make the best graveyard ever on one of the lots. The best part? When Sims don't mourn the gravesites, harmless ghosts walk around the house and scare those living there. Cheap thrills.

As far as D&D goes, it isn't so bad. Honestly. It's not larping (thank goodness) but it's also not a board game. It's hard to explain, but I think it's okay. Right now I'm just learning (as is everyone else for the most part) so I'll give the final word later. I'm just excited to have a pet camel named Humphrey! I feel kind of nerdy right now....just a little bit.

So I've decided what I'm going to do career-wise. I'm going to be an archaeologist. A classical archaeologist, preferably. There's a good chance I'll end up working for the (U.S.) government in CRM - Cultural Resource Management. In order to get most archaeology jobs, one needs to have a master's degree in archaeology, usually from a field school. It'll take an extra 1-3 years, but it'll be worth it. Plus, it helps that I love my arch book already. I'm way past my goal of three chapters - I think I'm on chapter five!

  1. Go fishing at least three times
  2. Go camping (uncrossed out)
  3. Visit Caitlyn in Sparta
  4. Go canoing in Madison
  5. Go to Summerfest
  6. Go to Lollapalooza (or at least go to see Muse)
  7. Take the dogs to the beach
  8. Visit the Wind Point lighthouse and have a romantic date with Ronnie
  9. Go to Six Flags
  10. Go to the drive-up A&W
  11. Read my archeology book (at least three chapters)
  12. Go to the Dells
  13. Get super tan
  14. Ride bikes with Ronnie
  15. Do the Danskin Triathlon - I have to work that day!
  16. Watch the fireworks downtown
  17. Watch the fireworks in OC
  18. See Body Worlds
  19. Go to the art museum
  20. Go to the Majestic theater in Brookfield
  21. Get in shape
  22. See Amish people (maybe at Katie's?)
  23. Swim in Katie's pool at Hilldale Towers
  24. Go to Ikea
  25. Learn "Hard to Concentrate" on bass
  26. Complete the online assignments for the Leadership Certificate
  27. Get engaged
  28. Have a spa day with mom
  29. Go somewhere out of the state (like, idk, New Mexico or Oklahoma?)
  30. Finish off two the Grisham books I haven't read
  31. Read/Begin the Count of Monte Cristo
  32. (NEW) Finish at least four books total (one of which must be Wuthering Heights)
  33. (NEW) Go to Mayfair
  34. (NEW) Learn a song on my guitar
  35. (NEW) Go mini golfing
  36. (NEW) Try a new food and like it


  1. Did you end up reading Wuthering Heights at all? I read it last semester. It was good! :)

  2. I'm still working on the last 30 pages. i just cannot muster the enthusiasm to finish it...there are too many other books i want to read.