Saturday, May 3, 2008

There's no where else I'd rather be

I'm so excited to get home and see Ronnie, my dogs, and my family (in that order - haha kidding). I hope that Ronnie does work with my dad this summer so that I can see both of them more. Anyone remember the Glue Factory? Yeah, that's what Ronnie's job would entail: helping scrap it to make room for condos. It's supposedly haunted, but even scarier (according to my dad) is that homeless people go there a lot. It was recently closed down due to asbestos, but will be able to be gutted this summer. Fun stuff.

Elizabeth and I have any fun excursions planned for this summer. They will include:
I'm quite excited. I love Madison and Oak Creek, but it's nice to go other places sometimes. I can't wait to go to Mexico with Ronnie during winter break and then Greece next summer! Someday I'd like to make it back to Albuquerque since I haven't been there since Ronnie and I first started dating. I miss my grammy!

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